MHN: On-Site’s award winning technology helps apartment owners and operators keep up with the latest generation of tech savvy renters

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On-Site’s award winning technology helps apartment owners and operators keep up with the latest generation of tech savvy renters

This article originally appeared in the Sept. 2013 issue of Multi-Housing News Magazine.


Still believe the apartment industry is old fashioned? Think again. More and more housing providers understand that to attract today’s tech savvy renters they need to offer the latest in online convenience from On-Site’s award-winning technology platform. Technology is the new must-have amenity.

The Millennial Renter and the Mobile Revolution

Millennials represent the first generation of renters to grow up with technology from the cradle to adulthood. According to research conducted by the Nielsen Company, nearly 100% of millennial renters own a computer with Internet access and a whopping 85% shop online. But maintaining a traditional web presence isn’t enough since 78% of millennial renters own a smart phone and use mobile devices to access the Internet.

According to NAA Education Conference speaker Chuck Martin: “We’re in the midst of a revolution in the way people shop…. This revolution is being driven by the massive and global adoption of smart phones and tablets, empowering consumers wherever they are, like never before.”

With this revolutionary wealth of connectivity, “people are maximizing their smart phone usage, especially when it comes to shopping for an apartment.”

Apartment managers must maintain a cross-platform online presence—without compromising functionality or usability—so their customers can do business however they choose, whether it’s in person, from a desktop, laptop, smart phone, kiosk or tablet.

A report from Forrester Research concludes that “websites that don’t support customers waste millions,” stating that if you make it difficult for visitors to buy online, you lose 28% of potential customers that give up or go to your competitor.

Marketing Websites

On-Site’s marketing websites allow you to create an attractive online presence for your community in minutes using a host of customization options, including professionally styled layouts, color schemes and lifestyle photos. And thanks to responsive design, renters get an online experience tailored specifically to their device, no matter its size or brand.

Lead Management

On-Site’s lead manager helps you capitalize on every incoming call, email, website contact and walk-in visit with easy to use CRM tools. Prospects can complete a guest card from any device and when the time comes, the prospect’s information syncs with online applications, payment, pre-qualification and lease forms.

Resident Screening

On-Site’s screening platform helps you make informed leasing decisions using quick, easy to understand technology. And with online pre-qualification, renters can apply and reserve an apartment on their own time, day or night. On-Site’s resident screening product has won four MHN Tech Choice Awards.

Mobile App

Call it the anti-app. Because the Web continues to be the primary means for interacting with businesses online, On-Site offers websites, online applications, e-signatures and resident portals that are responsively designed to display brilliantly on any smart phone or tablet. Your community boasts consistent branding and renters get enhanced usability across all devices and screen sizes without needing to use distinct sites, versions or applications.

Going From Tech Averse to Technology First

According to Time magazine, there are now 80 million millennials in the United States. With the help of On-Site’s online leasing solutions, apartment managers across the country are accommodating the millions of digital natives in the rental housing market and in the process changing the image of the apartment industry from tech averse to technology first.

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