With the iPhone 5 slated to be released on September 21, real estate and rental marketing officials are looking into what the new technology will mean for their marketing capabilities.

According to Inman News, thus far, the reaction has been generally optimistic. One new feature that may help professionals with marketing, for example, is the phone's updated, higher-resolution camera, which is capable of shooting sharper video and images than the older models. For property managers looking to post images alongside Craigslist rental postings, this new tool  could improve their overall quality.

Another real estate professional noted the iPhone's new operating system, iOS 6, will allow users to share photo streams through social media. For landlords and property managers, social media is a great way to keep in touch with tenants and potential clients, so being able to share high-quality photos is considered by many industry leaders to be very important.

In 2010, Inman conducted a survey that showed that 42 percent of real estate professionals used iPhones, while only 26 percent used a Blackberry and 19 percent had an Android.

IPhone users recently got another boost in the rental market. On September 6, Zillow released a rental application for iPhones that can help renters track rental listings in their area.