Although the housing market is making a turnaround, AOL Real Estate reports there is a pocket of committed renters who remain devoted to leasing rather than buying.

According to the source, there are numerous residents who prefer to lease, despite conditions bettering in the for-sale sector. One of these residents told the site they were "scarred" by the crash of the housing market and will not purchase homes again, preferring to rent.

The Census Bureau released data showing that homeownership had fallen in the first quarter to its lowest level in 15 years, mostly due to increased foreclosures. However, a survey released by Trulia in June showed that 78 percent of renters would eventually want to purchase a home, compared to 72 percent in 2011.

Landlords and rental property management officials can take heart, though, from the small but steadfast group of renters who vow not to purchase again.

AOL Real Estate says long-term renters claim the benefits of avoiding mortgages altogether and relying on the property owner or manager to take care of property taxes and upkeep.

Rental property management companies may continued to see considerable interest in Craigslist rental postings during the coming year, as leasing activity is expected to remain strong, despite the improving housing market.