How do you manage all the phone calls, emails, website contacts and walk-in visits that come into your leasing office every day? With On-Site’s Lead Tracking solution you won’t be searching for an answer to that question—or searching for a lost lead. Lead Tracking helps you stay organized with prospect management tools built for the new generation of millennial renters. And with our most recent release, we’ve made it even better.

Lead Tracking has received a facelift, including a revamped user interface and new “Invite to Apply” feature that lets you send Apply Online email invites directly from your guest card dashboard.
Sample Guest Card

“The new user interface is much more intuitive and allows our clients to quickly enter and manage guest cards,” said Zeke Kirkpatrick, product manager for Lead Tracking at On-Site. “By clicking the ‘Invite to Apply’ button, leasing staff can send a customized email to prospects, inviting them to apply online to the community. This reduces the level of manual data entry that leasing agents have to perform since renters are converting their guest cards and completing the applications themselves.”

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Thousands of property managers across the country trust On-Site’s Lead Tracking solution to help them manage their leads, including Tiffany Butera at San Francisco based property management company Nicholas A. Stevens.

“One of the ways that On-Site contributes to our company’s success is the ease in which we can collect information about prospective residents using guest cards,” said Butera. “On Site’s guest card feature allows our prospects to clearly explain their rental preferences and ask any questions prior to arriving at our community. With this data, leasing staff is able to give a more personalized tour that is tailored around the information collected from the guest cards. Since we have incorporated On-Site’s guest cards into our daily operations, we have been enjoying a remarkable increase in our conversion rate.”

See for yourself how Lead Tracking can help you track and manage leads and close more leases. To learn more, call us at (855) 667-6500 or contact your sales or account manager.