A landlord in Webster City, Iowa, has been given more time to make repairs at one of a dozen of his local rental properties.

The city council told Merlyn Tungesvik, who also owns the former local Elks Club building, that he had until December 31 to bring his property on Seneca Street up to code, reported the Daily Freeman-Journal. A recent inspection by building inspector Jared Ruby found unsecured windows and doors and substandard living conditions in the unit, as well as an infestation of insects, concluding that "the building is in a general state of disrepair."

At a September 30 city council meeting, Tungesvik had been given 30 additional days to finish work, but he told councilmen at a meeting this week that he would need more time to finish exterior repairs. "Basically, the interior is ready to go. There are no problems there," he told councilmen, according to the report. They granted his request, adding that they may request another inspection of the home's interior to address residents' concerns regarding insects. If the repairs are not complete by the end of the year, Tungesvik could face a $750 fine.

Landlords around the country are expected to ensure their rentals meet standards set by the local housing authority. A recent federal investigation in San Francisco uncovered shortcomings in dozens of units in that city.