With summer here and the heat arriving, rental property management companies, residents and landlords may be looking for ways to keep the air conditioning bill down.

One of the ways to limit expenses and maximize residents' comfort is to make certain that the air conditioning is appropriate to their needs and the apartment. Multifamily owners should make certain the air conditioning units in their apartments are the proper size for their respective locations and are up to the task of keeping the tenants cool, Multi-Housing News notes.

An improperly sized unit may end up wasting energy. Residents might run it too often or too high to compensate, costing more in the end. Programmable thermostats, which many units lack, may also be a worthwhile investment. Without them, tenants might be tempted to leave the air on all day so they will be comfortable when they get home from work, or might simply forget to change the settings. Renters and owners may save hundreds of dollars with a programmable thermostat.

High-efficiency air conditioning units can also make a difference. Older models may use up more power for poorer results and cost more to fix than to replace. Most of them are also less efficient and may increase energy costs significantly.