Introducing Renter Relations Online

As of today we’ve made two big enhancements to our Renter Relations service:

  1. Your applicants can now download a copy of their Rental Report via a secure download link on our Renter Relations website.
  2. If you turn an applicant away for failing to meet your rental criteria he or she will also be able to download a copy of the adverse action notice. If anything on the applicant’s rental report is disputable the applicant can upload dispute documentation directly to our Renter Relations website for review.

With these enhancements, applicants who have applied at your communities can instantly obtain copies of their rental reports and go online to resolve disputes at any time, night or day. No other resident screening provider can offer this same level of online convenience and lightning fast dispute resolution.

As we reported in an earlier blog post, the credit bureaus and government agencies don’t always get it right, often providing incomplete and outdated information.

That’s why On-Site’s Renter Relations is such an important and valuable service.

Renter Relations works directly with your applicants to resolve credit, civil and criminal report misinformation online and over the phone so your renters can get the housing they need today. And we’re pretty good at it too. Thanks to Renter Relations, companies that screen with On-Site qualify 18% more applicants for move-in.

How does it work?

  1. Navigate to the appropriate applicant’s Lease Details page.
  2. Click Send Rental Report.
  3. The applicant will receive an email linking them to Renter Relations. From there, the applicant can securely download the rental report and adverse action notice (if applicable).
  4. If there’s anything on the rental report that the applicant wants to dispute, he or she can do so by uploading any and all supporting documentation.


Sounds great, where do I signup?

Renter Relations is a free service available to clients that use On-Site’s resident screening. Best of all, you can start using it right now to send out copies of Rental Reports to your applicants.

We also have the option to automatically deliver an adverse action notice when an application is declined, along with automatically delivering the Rental Report when it is finished generating. If you would like to set up automatic delivery of your Rental Reports and adverse action notices, please talk to your account manager today!

To learn more about saving leases with Renter Relations, checkout the infographic below:


For more on resident screening and Renter Relations:

2 thoughts on “Introducing Renter Relations Online

  1. So for the renter’s relations online, do we need to include any verbiage in our application for the applicant to authorize for us to send this letter/link to them electronically and do we legally still have to mail the letter. if so which states? thanks

    • Hi Kelly. Thanks for reading. We’ve already included the special copy on the application for you. It has the applicant agree to electronic delivery, so you don’t have to mail the letter either!