As we heard at the Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM) Conference in April and at the National Apartment Association (NAA) Conference & Expo in June, social media platforms—namely Facebook—are indisputably critical in today’s marketing mix.

Following the lead of Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest, Facebook recently launched the use of hashtags. The hashtag, which appears as the # symbol in front of a word, makes it easier for people to follow online conversations as they unfold. When a user clicks a hashtag, they’ll see a feed of what other people are saying about that event or topic.

How can apartment marketers use Facebook hashtags?

Hashtags allow marketers to hone in on conversations about specific industries (like #multifamily) and connect with people looking for specific products or services in cities (like #SanFrancisco or #NewYork). They are a great way to add context to a post, influence conversations about your brand, and drive prospects to visit your website.  (Check our our eBook on how to convert more leads on your website).

Here are three reasons to use hashtags, as reported in the Social Media Examiner:

1.  Expand your reach. 

Hashtags are a proven way to connect people interested in specific topics. By including a hashtag in your post, you’re getting in front of people who many not otherwise have seen your message. Monitor and measure your reach and engagement using Facebook Insights to see if your hashtags are making a difference.


NALS uses #apartment and #party as hashtags. Anyone using these terms could see this post. By using a shortlink via, they can see how many people clicked on the link.

2. Cross social platforms. 

Hashtags used on other platforms (like Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest,) that are connected to your Facebook Page will automatically be searchable and clickable on Facebook. It can also save time if you occasionally post the same content across multiple platforms.

3.  Promote special events. 

Because of Facebook contest rules, people can’t enter your contest on Facebook through a branded hashtag (like on Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter). However, you can help people find the content across platforms by including #yourevent hashtag in Facebook posts.  Just be wary of stuffing your posts with a slew of hashtags that aren’t relevant – it doesn’t look good and may turn off some fans.

Some hashtag considerations to keep in mind:

  1. One word only (no spaces)
  2. Capitalization is irrelevant
  3. You can invent any hashtag you want
  4. Research the hashtag to see if it’s in use (search all social sites)



Ur Home in Philly uses hashtags #home, #philly’s and #apartment and includes an attractive image enticing people to click through to view the blog post on their website.

Finally, remember that the new clickable Facebook hashtags are designed to enhance your message, not replace it.  Be mindful of social media best practices, i.e. posting engaging copy and attractive photos, and use hashtags sparingly to amplify the reach of your campaigns across multiple channels.

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