Facebook, for better or worse, has ingrained itself not only in people's lives, but also in businesses worldwide, who now are ostensibly forced to use the social networking site to keep up with the times and keep their companies thriving. The website Property Manager has some suggestions for management firms regarding the creation and proper maintenance of a Facebook page.

First, the site recommends filling in the auto-complete box and supplying all pertinent company information. The more detailed a page is, the more likely it is tenants and prospective renters may use it as a guide for rental property information, according to the source.

Also, by adding custom images, including the company's insignia, the source says Facebook users should view the page as a legitimate one.

When thinking about what to enter for a description of the rental property, or simply the company, management firms should use certain keywords which generally attract renters looking for a new apartment.

After applying whatever custom changes a company feels works best for name recognition and conducting business, Property Manager states they must continue to update the page. Firms shouldn't set up their page and allow it to stay that way. On the contrary, the source says they should keep the page fresh, with up-to-the-minute stories and news to keep Facebook users coming back.