The prices of homes across the country are continuing to increase, according to a recent report released by Fiserv.

Although many markets are set to see price declines through June, the housing market analysis firm announced that, overall, the market would see a 0.3 percent gain in prices for 2012.

Housing analysts are calling the year an overall gain for recovery, however, since the sector continues to improve despite factors outside of the housing market that are impeding growth. Many hold that the continuation of rising prices is representative of the overall increasing health of the retail housing industry, but that the process will be fairly slow.

The fiscal cliff, for example, could have a negative effect on the market. According to CNNMoney, if officials can't decide on a fix and the tax breaks are allowed to expire, the likely resulting recession would have a dampening effect on the housing market recovery.

For rental property management officials, the increasing home prices could be a boon, as potential buyers could return to submitting rental applications if the houses are priced out-of-reach.