Prospective renters have a lot to think about when trying to decide what they want in a rental property, according to the blog ChicagoNow. To help future tenants pick out the right home for them, the source has some expert tips.

The quality of a neighborhood is often something people put high on their list for requirements when looking for an apartment, the blog states. To discover more about the community a rental property resides in, ChicagoNow recommends exploring the area, as well as asking the landlord about attractions and amenities nearby.

Speaking of amenities, the source also suggests asking the property management about features at the apartment if it's located in a complex. Many complexes come with swimming pools, gyms, recreation areas and other features. These amenities are important to some renters, so check out what's available for tenants who live in a complex.

Above all else, ChicagoNow states people looking for apartments should look over the terms of the lease. Signing a rental lease agreement and then deciding one isn't comfortable at an apartment can be a big mistake, so reading the agreement carefully is a necessity.