2013 Mousepad

If you’ve been a client of ours for awhile, you might remember the mousepads we used to send out every year. You probably also remember how we discontinued them after 2010. Well, you let us know the error of our ways and we’ve brought them back. And this time it’s for real.

While touchscreen and motion control technology advances by leaps and bounds with every new tablet and video game console, the humble mouse reigns supreme. Accordingly, we plan to release a new mousepad every year from here on out. Or at least until we’re controlling our computers by waving our hands in the air like Tom Cruise in “Minority Report.”

This time around we made things a little more interesting by opening up the mousepad design to all the would-be graphic designers at On-Site. After collecting all the entries, we voted for the best design. With that said, we’re pleased to share with you the winning mousepad for 2013.

This design showcases our new apartment mapping technology, which allows property management companies to market their available apartments in an entirely new way. Renters can shop available apartments via a satellite map of your actual community and when they find an apartment they like, maybe because it’s close to parking or has a view of a nearby park, they can click the apartment to view lease terms and jump straight into the online application. Combine apartment mapping with On‑Site’s screening on-demand and payment processing tools and renters can qualify instantly for their chosen apartment and submit a holding deposit to reserve their new home.

Want one of these limited edition mousepads on your desk?  Simply complete our online order form and we’ll get it shipped to you right away!