Five ways to reduce clutter

Whether a renter has just moved into a new apartment or has lived in one for years, Fox News Channel's iMag states there are helpful ways for tenants to reduce, and possibly eliminate, clutter.

The holiday season tends to create a considerable amount of clutter in one's apartment, the source notes. Sometimes, gifts never get used or aren't wanted. Getting rid of these items – by returning them or throwing them away – can open up more space in a rental unit.

Grabbing a broom and trash bag and going from room to room is another ideal way to get rid of unwanted stuff, according to FNC iMag. Also, the source recommends checking out all cabinets and drawers to find old possessions that could be thrown away.

Tenants may also want to inspect their countertops and tables, as the source states these horizontal spaces tend to accumulate much of a renter's trash and knick-knacks.

To prevent clutter from forming, the magazine suggests implementing a "one-touch rule." This means renters should learn to put things away in a permanent area so they don't have to worry about unwanted things gathering around their apartment.