Consumers are using the internet more as a means to find the apartment they’re looking for. As social networks continue to rise in popularity, it’s only natural that these sites would become hotspots for apartment rental listings.

For years, Facebook has offered its Marketplace app, essentially a classified ads section that allows users to shop for a new apartment. Additionally, private companies have partnered with Facebook to develop their own apps.

Most recently, announced that it will launch a Facebook app that will allow users to look for a new rental unit within the existing Facebook platform. Their app also allows users to share their finds with friends and get advice on which apartment they should choose.

“It’s natural to want to share information about ourselves with people who care. This behavior also holds true when shopping online,” said Larry Cotter, an executive with

Some experts wonder if Facebook may be expanding its resources to better pose itself as a challenger to Craigslist, which has long been the internet’s most popular classified ad service. A report in the UK’s Guardian postulated that the new Facebook Places feature could be combined with Marketplace to form the first serious threat to Craigslist’s market dominance.