While resident screening may seem like something all property managers do thoroughly, that's not always the case. A report by KLAS-TV in Las Vegas states drug makers had been living in a couple of rented homes until arrested by police recently.

One Source Realty and Management owner Linda Rheinberger told the news station some rental property management companies and landlords don't know how to effectively do background checks and screen prospective tenants.

"Occasionally, you can get lucky and get a good tenant that will take care of your property, won't break the rules, won't break the law," she told the station. "However, that's less of a scenario today."

She added that on average, roughly 10 percent of all renters will be "bad apples," so property managers should always be aware of who they rent their units to.

Landlords and property management firms in other areas of the nation have also had to deal with drug-related issues this year. Across the country in Florida, drug dealers were found to have been dealing cocaine to renters, the Florida Times-Union reports.