Do you have a password problem?

The New York Times reminds us that 1 out of 5 computer users choose a dumb, popular password.

Some tips on creating a password that is easy for you to remember, but tough to crack:

  • Use the first letter/number of each word from a phrase you know and can remember. For example, MyStreetNumberIs25 or TheDogsNameIsLulu.
  • Look through the dictionary and find a word that is easy to remember but rarely used.
  • Try the foreign translation of your name. For instance, Greenwood is Grunewald in German and Boisvert in French.
  • Put two interesting words together, but type them in reverse, with a number between them.
  • Buy a map of the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany or Belgium. Use the names of the towns as passwords, cross them off after a month’s use and keep switching. You can even hang the map on the wall, and no one will ever realize what you’re up to.
  • Use your spouse’s initials AND your anniversary, like TFB0602. (This guarantees you won’t forget an anniversary card, either.)