“The user experience for our site teams and for our residents is definitely smoother and much more sophisticated.”
Holland Partners Director of Revenue Management Bryan Pierce


Holland Partners Director of Revenue Management Bryan Pierce remembers the day in early 2013 when he first took a look at the renewal data from Holland Residential (Holland Partner Group’s property management division). The results were surprising.

As Pierce explained “The speed and convenience found when a resident first moved-in wasn’t translating to their lease renewal experience.”

“New residents could apply online but once they were an existing resident they had to renew offline,” he said.

The latter process typically involved spreadsheets to track lease expirations, calling the resident, preparing & delivering the offer letter, multiple follow up calls and an in-person lease signing ceremony.

“Our new lease and renewal lease processes were incongruent,” Pierce said. “We recognized immediately that we needed to make a change.”

Accordingly, Holland looked at the few software providers who offered online renewal products.

“In every case the available solutions were not very sensible,” Pierce said. “They were more work and added more of a time commitment for our site teams than the manual processing we already had in place.”

That’s when Holland turned to On-Site and became the first client to use On-Site’s new Online Renewals.

Holland was already using On-Site to handle the front end of their leasing process. Partnering with On-Site again for renewals “made perfect sense,” Pierce said. “Everything On-Site does works and looks top notch.”

“We sat down with On-Site’s product development team to determine our needs,” Pierce said. “We gave them some general guidance and they did a great job of interpreting and tailoring the renewals product to fit those needs.”

Today, Holland uses On-Site’s Online Renewals as part of the company’s complete online leasing platform, delivering a portfolio of over 20,000 apartments to renters with an unprecedented level of automation and efficiency.

The Holland team can track expiring leases and generate renewal offers, which renters can view and accept online without ever having to set foot in the leasing office. Meanwhile, pricing automatically syncs with Holland’s revenue management software.

“All of our leasing staff agrees. Online Renewals are a better experience for our residents,” Pierce said. “We sent an anonymous survey to our properties who use Online Renewals and 100% said that it was a better experience for our customers as opposed to mail merges and manual letters.”

Holland moves their renewals online

Part of On-Site’s Resident Passport™ suite of cloud-based resident convenience tools, Online Renewals is engineered for ultimate ease-of-use, requiring less work and reducing the overall time leasing staff spends processing renewals.

“Online Renewals is without a doubt the best renewal experience for your renters,” said On-Site Director of Products Zeke Kirkpatrick. “By offering a convenient, easy to use online renewal service you can reduce resident turn over and avoid the up front marketing cost associated with attracting new residents.”

Pierce added that for residents who want to renew without re-negotiating the lease face-to-face, Online Renewals is a huge time saver for Holland’s site teams.

Key features of Online Renewals include the ability to:

  • View and track upcoming lease renewals from the renewal dashboard.
  • Set permissions regarding who can generate renewal offers.
  • Sync with revenue management software and keep pricing competitive as market conditions change.
  • Give your staff the flexibility to negotiate with customizable lease term parameters.
  • Use E-Sign™ to collect signatures for the renewal lease anywhere, anytime on any device.

With Online Renewals the process starts with management reviewing upcoming lease expirations from the renewal dashboard and confirming the renewal offer pricing. From there, leasing staff takes over and adjusts offers to include add-ons like pet and parking addenda before sending to residents.

“Because Online Renewals work with the property management software you already have in place, the information for the renewal is automatically imported from the existing lease,” Kirkpatrick said. “Add in available pricing optimization from your revenue management software and the lease practically generates itself.”

Residents can securely access their lease renewal online, review available offers and terms and select whatever works best for them.

After accepting a renewal offer, renters can securely E-Sign the renewal at their convenience using any smartphone, tablet or computer. Online Renewals and the entire Resident Passport suite are responsively designed to deliver an optimized user experience to every device, including mobile.

“The user experience for our site teams and for our residents is definitely smoother and much more sophisticated,” Pierce said. “For many residents, that cutting edge experience, done on their schedule—not ours, is a significant benefit.”

“We’ve always believed that the best residents are the ones you already have,” said Kirkpatrick. “With Online Renewals it’s now easier than ever to keep them.”