During this spooky time of year, many consumers become comfortable with the fact that ghosts are all around – even in their homes.

According to Realtor.com's Haunted Real Estate Survey, many consumers are comfortable purchasing a home that is reported to be haunted – a whopping 32 percent would consider it. However, before making the plunge, 29 percent would expect a discount of 20 percent or more – and 37 percent of spooky buyers would need a 21 to 50 percent discount.

Additionally, consumers discern between different types of haunting. For example, 62 percent of people who would buy a haunted house would be okay with out-of-the-ordinary temperature changes. However, only 35 percent would be okay with strange and unexpected voices in their home.

Landlords who manage rental properties with a spooky reputation, take heart: consumers may be more willing to live in a haunted property than originally assumed. In fact, advertising a rental property and including a description of the spooky happenings may even bring in rental applications from unexpected consumers.