Come one, come all…

Best known for its work with major residential property owners, is empowering small owners with the same smart tools for identifying and leasing to quality residents.

So begins a piece in the November/December Mann Report, glossy magazine of the Manhattan glitterati. Or at least the magazine that sends a photographer to all the broker parties for new buildings.

Publisher Jeff Mann, best known for showcasing himself was kind enough to give us a plug:

The product RentNow™ provides landlords with an instant recommendation to rent based on background information and public records. Following an applicant’s approval, the program enables a landlord to produce lease forms customized to individual state requirements that, with just one click, may be filled out, printed, and ready to sign.

Smaller property owners often lack access to the same tools that the big guys use to mange risk. And things are only getting worse, with identity theft and crackdowns on access, thanks to our friends in the industry who were lax with the rules.

Anyway, we’re proud to announce that RentNow is now open for business.