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Renters: Choosing an ideal city for your salary

When choosing a place to live, consumers should be careful that the city's cost of living is compatible with their current or projected salary. Before taking the plunge and submitting a rental application to an apartment in a new city, renters should first make sure that their salary will allow for a comfortable life in… Read more >>

Homeowners in Pittsburgh struggle to find middle-class housing

Homeowners in Pittsburgh are having a hard time finding moderately-priced homes, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Many homeowners are grappling with the costs of the very expensive homes in the city – and if the homes aren't very overpriced, they're subsidized, according to one Gazette correspondent. According to the news source, the homeowner in question… Read more >>

Property managers and repair responsibility

In most states, the law requires property managers to be responsible for all repairs done to rental units. However, before dialing the landlord's number to complain about a leaky faucet, renters should check to make sure they aren't getting themselves into hot water. According to Janet Portman, a real estate expert for Inman News, there… Read more >>

Ways to save money when apartment hunting

Searching for an apartment can be a stressful process, so you don't want to make any mistakes that could end up costing you money. According to WiseBread, one of the most important things when searching for an apartment is checking your credit score. In all likelihood, your prospective landlord will complete a tenant credit check,… Read more >>

Is renting better than buying?

In this constantly-evolving economy, it may be difficult for renters to keep track of when it's better to rent and when it might be time to buy. Fortunately, according to Investopedia, there are several concrete reasons why renters have a financial edge over homeowners in the current housing climate. One of the most important is… Read more >>

Renters: legal reasons to vacate a lease

Occasionally, the time comes when a renter discovers that they need to leave an apartment before the end of their lease. Tenants have myriad reasons to break their lease, but no matter what, they will likely still be charged a fine. However, there are a few ways that a tenant can back out of a… Read more >>

Fraud alert: Scam artists renting foreclosed homes

According to a recent report from Freddie Mac, scam artists across the country have sunk to a new low of renting out foreclosed homes. The scam, according to the mortgage giant, goes like this: the fraudsters find homes that have been sold at foreclosure and post the listing online. They try to rent it before… Read more >>

Understanding contract terms, having proper documentation key for renters

In a tight rental economy, it's easy for renters to snatch up the first attractive apartment that comes their way – but avoiding a few simple mistakes can help to stave off trouble down the road. Before filling out a rental application for a unit, renters should make sure that they fully understand all of… Read more >>

Evictions in tight rental market causing grief for tenants

Evictions without cause may not be unusual in Portland, Oregon – but in this tight rental market, they are leaving some would-be tenants in a serious bind. According the Oregonian, no-cause evictions in Portland are fairly common, especially with the tight rental market. Vacancy rates in Portland were a startling 3.4 percent last year, so… Read more >>

Renters: A few tips to keep in mind before signing a lease

The vacancy rates in most apartment markets are shrinking, and renters are becoming desperate for the few units left – but there are still a few things to keep in mind before signing a lease that may save a lot of grief down the road. First, consumers should ask the landlord or rental property management… Read more >>