Campbell Express: On-Site helps save local history with time clock

As appeared in Campbell Express December 7, 2011, a top provider of online leasing automation for the apartment business, recently moved its corporate headquarters to downtown Campbell, about 15 miles south of On-Site’s previous location in Mountain View. The new headquarters is in the heart of the Silicon Valley at Campbell’s loft-style commercial building.

According to company management, the recent expansion is a necessary move to accommodate the growing company. “Our continued success over the last two years, fueled by demand for our online leasing solutions, has grown our team by over 20%,” said Jake Harrington, On-Site’s Chief Revenue Officer.

The company will occupy the first and third floors of a historic Sunsweet building, situated along Campbell’s bustling downtown center and immediately adjacent to light rail transportation. The building is a former fruit-drying facility that operated in Campbell during the first half of the 20th century.

“On-Site prides itself in designing and supporting green technology. We’re happy to practice what we preach by allowing our employees convenient access to public transportation,” said Jake. “We are excited to work in an environment in which our team has the space to work creatively together. The new office will allow us to continue to grow into 2012 and beyond.”

Sunsweet closed the plant in 1971 and it was converted to a rock-and-roll bar called the Bodega, which hosted artists like Joe Coker, Eddie Money, Pat Benetar and the Doobie Brothers till it closed in 1982. On-Site bought the landmark building in March and completed renovations last month. The new office address is on 307 Orchard City Drive in Campbell.

On-Site recently demonstrated its commitment to Silicon Valley history and the local community with the acquisition of an antique time clock for display in its new offices. The early 20th century time clock was manufactured by International Time Recording Company, now known as IBM, and was the very clock used at the Sunsweet plant nearly 100 years ago.

The clock was discovered for sale on consignment in a local antique store by Philip Christian, a member of On-Site’s marketing team, who recognized its historical significance and shared the discovery.

“We’re brand new to the neighborhood, but I feel a certain obligation to help preserve the history of the area,” said Jake Harrington, “We are proud to reunite the clock with the building in which it hung nearly 100 years ago,” he said.

Frank Doetsch, son of former Campbell Mayor Ralph Doetsch and from whom the punch clock was purchased, recalls the clock’s history:

“At one time our family’s orchards spread over 100 acres along the Los Gatos and Campbell border. Our crop of prunes was sold to Sunsweet for distribution worldwide. My father (later a Campbell City Councilmember and mayor) was affiliated with the Sunsweet family for many years. When the plant closed, the clock was presented to him. It was passed down to me and we have kept it in our family home since then.”