Color Your Year

Pantone’s “Color of the Year” has been announced and it asks for a world that revives and restores in 2017. After a year that has been “lovingly” labeled a dumpster fire, the color company has decided that 2017’s color should symbolize new beginnings and a fresh outlook on life. As… Read More

Social Mediate

A long, long time ago, people spoke to one another face-to-face. If something went wrong in their apartment, like an appliance which has stopped working, they went and spoke to their landlord. However, things have changed over the years; it began with the email and eventually moved to social media.… Read More

This Property Is Not Yet Rated

Sometimes it feels as though a bad review can be the beginning of the end for a property. Receiving a negative Yelp review or bad feedback on Facebook may be a property manager’s nightmare—but there are worse things than a bad review. A majority of prospective buyers will look at… Read More