Several multifamily buildings in New York City are being renovated to provide energy-efficient apartments to low- and moderate-income consumers, according to Multi-Housing News.

The developments, which are set aside as affordable housing under Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 10-year housing plan, are in NYC's Washington Heights district.

The three buildings, containing more than 75 units altogether, are being updated with energy-efficient conversions, according to designs by New York-based architecture firm Design AIDD Architects, the source reports.

The updates will include installation of new gas risers, upgraded plumbing and electrical systems, new roofs and low-E windows.  New, energy-efficient appliances and lighting will also be installed in the kitchens and bathrooms.

According to Andrea Harris, a Design AIDD principal, renovating low-income housing to provide energy-efficient living for residents is an important step in the direction toward providing high-quality affordable housing.

"Once completed, these improvements will provide tangible benefits to the residents, including healthier environments and cost savings for utility usage," Harris told MHN.

Landlords and rental property management officials can also reap the benefits of the newly green developments. Furthermore, if tenants are pleased with the energy-saving features and costs of their units, they may stay long-term.