Civil rights organizations such as the Equal Rights Center (ERC) are focusing their attention on discrimination against housing choice voucher holders and those with similar sources of income.

Landlords should be aware that rejecting potential tenants on the grounds that they hold vouchers or receive similar income is illegal in some jurisdictions, and determine whether that is the case where they operate, Multifamily Executive notes. If rental property management professionals are in charge of approving or rejecting applicants, they should ensure they are similarly aware of the laws.

"Two dozen jurisdictions across the nation have these kinds of laws that protect against source of income discrimination," said Don Kahl, executive director of the ERC. "They say [that] someone who is renting housing whether it's a landlord or rental agent or a real estate broker can’t treat a potential tenant differently because of the source of their income, whether that’s a voucher from government, a disability voucher from a local agency, or child support or alimony."

Organizations are also targeting accessible housing issues, and landlords may find themselves singled out on those grounds as well. One legal professional told the news source that issues sometimes arise due to an administrative error or oversight, rather than policy, but legal consequences may still result.